Norah Jones – “I’m Alive” (Feat. Jeff & Spencer Tweedy)

Norah Jones – “I’m Alive” (Feat. Jeff & Spencer Tweedy)

Pick Me Up Off The Floor, the new album from Norah Jones, is coming in May. Like last year’s singles collection Begin Again, it features songs cowritten with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. One of those is out today as the project’s lead single.

Jones cowrote and produced “I’m Alive” with Tweedy, who plays electric and acoustic guitar and bass on the track. His son, Spencer Tweedy, handles the drums. It’s the kind of casual amble you’d expect from this team, at once rootsy and jazzy, like settling into a comfortable sweater. The lyrics are heavy, though: “You feel your soul get hollowed out/ While the world implodes, you just live without.”

Watch the “I’m Alive” video below.

01 “How I Weep” (Norah Jones)
02 “Flame Twin” (Norah Jones)
03 “Hurts To Be Alone” (Norah Jones)
04 “Heartbroken, Day After” (Norah Jones)
05 “Say No More” (Norah Jones/Sarah Oda)
06 “This Life” (Norah Jones)
07 “To Live” (Norah Jones)
08 “I’m Alive” (Norah Jones/Jeff Tweedy)
09 “Were You Watching?” (Norah Jones/Emily Fiskio)
10 “Stumble On My Way” (Norah Jones)
11 “Heaven Above” (Norah Jones/Jeff Tweedy)

Pick Me Up Off The Floor is out 5/8 on Blue Note.

Norah Jones
CREDIT: Diane Russo

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