Girlpool – “Like I’m Winning It”

Girlpool – “Like I’m Winning It”

With each new album, Girlpool have pushed their sound in new directions. Last year’s What Chaos Is Imaginary — one of the best albums of 2019 — was textured and dense. Today, they’re releasing a new single, “Like I’m Winning It,” which builds on what they were doing on their third album and adds a sweaty, synthy beat to the mix.

Both Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad sing parts on it, whispering out the track’s chatty refrain: “When you touch me, it’s like I’m winning it/ I don’t wanna be dramatic/ But that song pushed us up against in the backseat, I’m just checking, can I be your baby.”

“‘Like I’m Winning it’ is about power and lust: how can the weight of someone’s attention feel so heavy just because of its scarcity? This is a song about playing with that line- the line between the electricity in receiving attention and what’s unattainable,” Tucker said in a statement. “I sent this song to our friend Amalia Irons a couple of days after I made a demo at home. I knew she would create a video for this song that was charged, psychedelic, and romantic.”

That video was shot at the LA Austin Powers-themed pop-up bar Electric Pussycat. Watch and listen below.

“Like I’m Winning It” is out now via Anti-.

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