Watch Eric Church Debut New Song “Never Break Heart” On ACM Presents: Our Country Special

Watch Eric Church Debut New Song “Never Break Heart” On ACM Presents: Our Country Special

Last night, the ACM Awards, one of country music’s two big annual awards shows, were supposed to go down in Nashville. Obviously, big gatherings are simply not happening right now. The ACM Awards were pushed back to 9/16 — a date that, if we’re being honest, sounds optimistic. And instead of the big awards show, CBS broadcast ACM Presents: Our Country, a two-hour special that featured some big country stars performing acoustic music from home.

So: Shania Twain sang a couple of songs from her stable, while her horse came perilously close to nudging her guitar. John Legend and Kane Brown remotely performed their new single “Last Time I Say Sorry.” Miranda Lambert played “Bluebird” on her back porch. Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker did a couple of FaceTime duets. And the gracefully growly Eric Church took the opportunity to debut a new solo-acoustic song called “Never Break Heart.”

Church is a big-singalong type; I’ve written that he’s my favorite arena-rock star currently working. Production is his friend. But like every good country musician, Church can get the job done in the most bare-bones situation. “Never Break Heart” is a total dad song, and it’s all about the importance of teaching your kids to be strong. Church sang it in his wood-paneled studio, rocking an extremely ’90s-hipster turtleneck/beanie/nerd-glasses ensemble. Watch him play it below.

And as a bonus, here’s Miranda Lambert’s great “Bluebird” performance:

Church’s most recent record, the 2018 album Desperate Man, is out now on EMI Nashville.

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