Who’s The Caboose?

From NYMetro.com:

The Sarah Show: Jest Pilot
We know what TV producers will be watching next year. Sarah Silverman is working with her ex-boyfriend Sam Seder on an insider-friendly TV mini-series for Trio called Pilot Season, a sequel to their Hollywood-satire film Who?s the Caboose? In Caboose, a New York comedienne (Silverman) heads for L.A. in hopes of landing a part in a TV pilot, and her boyfriend (Seder) follows. During filming, Seder and Silverman had their own stormy romance. In the new mini-series, Seder’s character is a big-time manager who remains obsessed with Silverman’s character (in real life, Silverman has long since moved on to Jimmy Kimmel). “It?s about the myopia that can happen in a one-industry town,” he adds. “Sarah’s character says, ‘I get up in the morning and I read the papers, and it is so depressing.’ She means the trades.”

I saw Who’s The Caboose? a few years ago during Toyota (!) Comedy Week. The theater was pretty empty, but the movie was hilarious. Andy Dick was sitting in the back row wearing giant beehive wig. He’s weird if you didn’t know.

Watch the trailer HERE or see production stills HERE.

Mmmmmmmm. A pilot about pilot season. Metalicious!