New Marguerite Perrin – “Slagkicks (Ungodly Remix)”

I was never a fan of Fox’s Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy until I saw the insane promos for season 2, in which Jesus freak Marguerite Perrin is shipped off to live with hippie astrologists in Boxborough, MA. Fox’s heavily typo’d recap details big momma Perrin’s inevitable breakdown, but you have to see the episode for the full effect. Reader David of the band Goes Cube was inspired enough to write a song.

I was told to send this to you by someone who is all about the online music stuff. We took Marguerite Perrin’s crazy Christian ranting and cut it up and put it to this casio/detuned guitar music. She ends up having an amazing punk rock scream. Look out Mars Volta. If Marguerite starts a prog metal band, she’ll out scream everyone.

Anyways, it started as a joke, but we posted it on a message board and it ended up overtaxing the bandwith.

It still is a joke. Our actual music is much better.

Thanks Dave. For your listening pleasure…

Marguerite Perrin – “Slagkicks (Ungodly Remix)” (MP3 Link Expired)