Stream Default Genders’ New Album pain mop girl 2020

Stream Default Genders’ New Album pain mop girl 2020

Last year, Jaime Brooks, the artist who first rose to underground online fame under the name Elite Gymnastics, released a new Default Genders album called main pop girl 2019, ending a half-decade break between full-length projects. It was a fascinating and rewarding collection of electronic pop songs that was widely heralded as one of Brooks’ greatest accomplishments. The music often called back to the 1990s — it had breakbeats, samples, and an Underworld-inspired cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Secret Garden” — but main pop girl was also rooted in nostalgia for the extremely recent past, namely the early 2010s online culture its author emerged from.

Today Brooks, who since the release of main pop girl has switched to she/they pronouns, is back with a sequel or reboot of sorts. Cheekily titled pain mop girl 2020, it’s sort of a full-length remix album, but not exactly. In a statement on Bandcamp, she explains, “i don’t really see it is a remix album. it kinda is to main pop girl 2019 what FF7 remake is to the original: it has the same characters, some similar dialogue, and many story beats, but it’s a new thing.” Artists credited with helping out include ada rook, ash nerve, snail cream, drainpuppet, neotenomie, ang3lph4se, postblankvoid, wren dove lark, m zavos, and glitchlette, with special thanks to ayesha siddiqi, “whose writing inspired ‘cascadia subduction zone.'”

On first listen, it really is a whole new experience, and an extremely cool one at that. Dig into pain mop girl 2020 below.

pain mop girl 2020 is out now. Purchase it here and check out Brooks’ Patreon here.

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