Oxford Collapse – “Dance, Dance, Dance” (Neil Young & Crazy Horse Cover)

Oxford Collapse – “Dance, Dance, Dance” (Neil Young & Crazy Horse Cover)

Tomorrow, Bandcamp is once again waiving its share of sales revenue in an effort to support artists during the pandemic. Also tomorrow, not coincidentally, independent record label Comedy Minus One is releasing some new — well, previously unheard — music from the underrated mid-aughts New York indie rock band Oxford Collapse.

Oxford Collapse released four very good albums before calling it quits in 2009. (“Please Visit Your National Parks” is still a jam.) Since then, frontman Mike Pace has released music with his solo project, the Child Actors. And now, for charity, Oxford Collapse are sharing a new digital single that includes a cover of Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Dance, Dance, Dance.” As the band explains:

Recorded during the November 2007 sessions that eventually birthed our final album, BITS, these two songs represent a direction Oxford Collapse might’ve taken had we continued on our journey through the past a little while longer. Our take on Neil Young’s “Dance, Dance, Dance” emphasizes the boom bap of the drums while leaving enough sawdust on the floor to flog a crazy horse, while “The Caveat,” informed by hours of listening to “By-Tor and the Snowdog” in the van, is our imagining of what Rush might sound like if they were less accomplished instrumentally and wrote very short songs. Rescued from obscurity and mastered from the original 192 kbps MP3s by the fine Comedy Minus One label, these two tracks might represent a combined-less-than-three-minutes of music, but we’re psyched to bring them to you nonetheless. Additionally, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this name-your-own-price digital “single” will be donated to NYC Health + Hospitals COVID-19 Relief Efforts.

Listen to Oxford Collapse’s Dance, Dance, Dance” cover below.

“Dance Dance Dance” b/w “The Caveat” is out 5/1 via Comedy Minus One. Pre-order it here.

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