New Salem Video – “Dirt”

Mysterious Chicago/Michigan/New York crew Salem remind me of the Cocteau Twins hijacking Royal Trux’s early junkie vibe and some thick, distorted electronic percussion then performing at a Dash Snow opening. Or whatever. The band-directed low-lit video for “Dirt,” from their Yes, I Smoke Crack EP, finds a woman locking herself in a garage with the car on, which provides carbon monoxide for her to kill herself as well as enough smoky exhaust for another woman to gyrate in the nude on her hood and windshield. You’re computer’s not broken: There’s silence for the first minute to establish atmosphere. Also: Probably NSFW.

(Via GvsB)

Here it is to go:

Salem – “Dirt” (MP3)

Nice to see Salem and bands/projects and other downcast acts like Blank Dogs, Grouper, and Crystal Stilts, who tread in such dark landscapes, getting more attention. I’m so goth. Here’s “BruStreet,” their much loved cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Philadelphia” in portable form. It’s from the album FuCKT.

Salem – “BruStreet” (MP3)

The Yes, I Smoke Crack EP was in an edition of 500 (on white vinyl) by Acephale. It’s sold out, but you can hear quite a bit of Salem at either of their MySpage pages: one and two.