Billie Eilish Is Playing The DNC

Earlier this year, before live events stopped happening, young pop phenom Billie Eilish performed at pretty much every big live event where a young pop phenom could perform: The Oscars, the BRIT Awards, the Grammys (which she swept). Eilish also performed at a couple of the all-star live-from-home charity shows in the early days of quarantine. And now she’s also been booked to perform at an event more important than any of the ones she’s done yet. She’s singing at this year’s Democratic National Convention.

Next week’s DNC, which goes down 8/17-20, has just announced the lineup of entertainers that will perform. Eilish might be the biggest name, but there are plenty of others. As CBS News reports, the Chicks, Maggie Rogers, Leon Bridges, Common, John Leggend, Stephen Stills, Jennifer Hudson, Prince Royce, and Billy Porter will all play.

According to CBS News, the performances will include the national anthem, renditions of American classics, and new songs. The idea is to get people who might otherwise skip the telecast to watch. So: “Bad Guy”?