Lydia Loveless – “Wringer”

Lydia Loveless – “Wringer”

Lydia Loveless’ last album, Real, was one of the best releases of 2016. For Loveless herself, that four year span since was a time of much needed rest following the burnout of tour, and a time of major life changes including a divorce and a move to North Carolina. The experiences since have yielded her new album Daughter, which she announced last month. At the time, she shared a lead single called “Love Is Not Enough.” Today, she’s back with another new one.

The latest preview of Daughter arrives in the form of “Wringer.” It comes with a video Loveless directed with Michael Casey. Here’s what Loveless had to say about it:

Michael and I started making videos for the record right as the country started to go into lockdown, and “Wringer” is a song about feeling trapped in a situation, so the horror theme made sense. My friend Tony, who plays the kidnapper, is married to a mycologist and they have a huge lab on their property. I went over to scope out the lab and Tony said “Hey, I could put you in this pit. That would be really creepy!” It was a great day of playing around and feeling creative in a time when everything felt horrific and uncertain.

Musically, “Wringer” churns along with Loveless singing some pretty direct lines about the sort of life upheaval she’s undergone: “How did it come to this/ Dividing up possessions/ The only reason we got this far/ Was your childish obsession.” Check it out below.

Daughter is out 9/25 on Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late. Pre-order it here.

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