Stream Shut It Down: Benefit For The Movement For Black Lives Featuring Thou, Sunn 0))), Xibalba, & More

Stream Shut It Down: Benefit For The Movement For Black Lives Featuring Thou, Sunn 0))), Xibalba, & More

Thou, Sunn 0))), Jesus Piece, Xibalba, and over 40 other metal, hardcore, punk, and noise bands have joined forces for Shut It Down, a benefit compilation organized by Racetraitor’s Mani Mostofi to raise money for the organization Movement For Black Lives. “Whenever there is social upheaval there is music that speaks to it, music that helps drive it,” Mostofi says. “It is amazing to witness this movement combating the foundation of racism that policing, and frankly so many American institutions are built on. It is only right that Thou and all these other bands are trying to show solidarity and shared purpose through song.”

For their contribution, Thou recorded a cover of Bad Religion’s “Kerosene” with Silver Godling, the project of the band’s longtime collaborator Emily McWilliams. “Coming from a foundation of DIY punk, community-building and social justice has always been a strong component in Thou,” explains vocalist Bryan Funck. “Contributing to the compilation is a really small way that we can hopefully generate some funds for the hard-working folks dismantling the most oppressive and corrupting elements of society.”

“There’s always been something about Bad Religion’s ‘Kerosene’ that speaks to my own destructive impulse; regardless of its original intent, the lyrics paint an evocative image of fires consuming a bleak, urban cesspit of segregated opulence,” Funck continues. “Collaborating with Silver Godling on this track gave us an easy bedrock to build off of with some creative home recording and help from our longtime friend and engineer James Whitten. To be honest, the track as Emily wrote and recorded it solo can easily stand on its own without us!” Listen to their rendition of “Kerosene” and stream the whole comp below.

Silver Godling released their second full-length, Ravel, in March, and it’ll be out on vinyl later this month via Gilead Media, Strange Daisy, and Howling Mine. The record is a collaboration with photographer Teddie Taylor and includes a booklet of Teddie’s work specific to Silver Godling. Stream Ravel below.

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