Pinkshift – “Rainwalk” & “Toro”

Pinkshift – “Rainwalk” & “Toro”

Pinkshift are an exciting young rock band based out of Baltimore who have garnered attention for their pair of 2020 singles, “I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist On You” and “On Thin Ice.” They’ve warranted comparisons to Paramore thanks to Ashrita Kumar’s soaring voice and the band’s tight hooks, though in a scuzzier and more lo-fi package.

They recently put out another new song, “Rainwalk,” a massive ripper that finds Kumar confronting someone with a billowing rage: “Honey please, can you keep your distance/ I hope you know that I couldn’t care less,” she taunts in the first verse. “Roll up your sleeves and take a seat cause we’re gonna be a while yet.”

“The lyrics are an ode to those awful instances when someone you know very well suddenly pretends like you don’t exist,” Kumar said in a press release. “Experiencing that could set anyone off, and writing these words helped me to pin down that feeling and let it go.”

“Rainwalk” comes with a B-side in the form of a fearsome track called “Toro,” and you can listen to both below.

“Rainwalk” & “Toro” are out now.

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