Stream RU$H, Tha God Fahim, & Jay Nice’s An Album Called Classic

Stream RU$H, Tha God Fahim, & Jay Nice’s An Album Called Classic

Right now, the Delaware rappers RU$H and Jay Nice have been on a crazy run. Both rappers work in the Roc Marciano mold — elaborate and impeccably worded good-life boasts, delivered in rugged monotones over lush and psychedelic beats. A few months ago, RU$H and Jay Nice released Fly Art, an EP that featured collaborations with Marciano and Willie The Kid. Earlier this month, RU$H followed it with the solo effort Fendi Don. And today, both RU$H and Jay Nice have teamed up with Atlanta rapper and underground stalwart Tha God Fahim, who released a great solo album called Lost Kingz earlier this year. Together, the three rappers have just dropped the new collaboration An Album Called Classic, and it sounds absolutely luscious.

In the past few months, the three rappers have really impressed with early singles like “Grandiose” and the Quelle Chris collab “Kalamata Olives.” Those early tracks suggested something truly special — a record of dazed and luxurious post-boom-bap with beats that sounded like floating on clouds. The full record is here now, and it delivers.

An Album Called Classic only has five full songs, so it’s really more of an EP. But those tracks, all produced by one Wolf Wilson, are just gorgeous, full of flutes and languorous basslines and sighing backup vocals and barely any drums. The three rappers sound eloquent and unrushed and convinced of their own greatness. It’s some truly relaxing music. Listen below.

The self-released An Album Called Classic is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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