Benee – “Sheesh” (Feat. Grimes)

Benee – “Sheesh” (Feat. Grimes)

Benee, the exciting young alt-pop star out of New Zealand, has just released her debut album Hey u x. There are a lot of good songs here, including several collabs released in the lead-up to the album: her breakout hit “Supalonely” with Gus Dapperton, “Plain” with Lily Allen and Flo Milli, “Night Garden” with Kenny Beats and Bakar. She also already shared opening track “Happen To Me” (which gives me a Radiohead “Weird Fishes” vibe) and the charming “Snail.” But not until now have we heard Hey u x’s most anticipated track, a duet with Grimes called “Sheesh.”

“Sheesh” is an Auto-Tune-laced track that lays trap-style sing-rapping to an adrenalized drum ‘n’ bass beat. It doesn’t really sound like anything else on this album, or much like anything on Miss Anthropocene for that matter. (Can you believe Miss Anthropocene came out this calendar year? The pandemic has done extremely strange things to the concept of time.) “Yeah, it’s kinda strange how you like me,” Benee sings. “You don’t have to change, keep it high-key.” As for c’s contribution, she shows up on the bridge to breathily intone, “Follow the white rabbit, huh/ Into the belly of the underworld/ Here you stand, I don’t know why/ All or nothing, live or die/ We ride east until dawn/ To the heart of the song/ I’m alive/ May I have what I desire/ And I shall be satisfied.”

Hear “Sheesh” and all of Hey u x below.

Hey u x is out now on Republic.

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