Kumi Takahara – “Tide”

Kumi Takahara – “Tide”

Kumi Takahara has been a musician almost her entire life. She started learning violin when she was three years old, and went on to study music in college. On one hand, it’d seem like she was always poised for a career as a classical musician. In reality, she only really found her calling in it after the sudden loss of her sister.

Through the years, she toured in classical ensembles, including around Europe after a move to Vienna to continue her studies. She’s contributed to other artists’ work, but now she’s preparing to release a debut album under her own name. It’s called See-Through, and it’ll be out in February.

Now based on Tokyo, Takahara has actually been working on the album for years. Back in 2016, she began crafting demos in her apartment. The only quiet place she could record in was the bathroom; she used towels for sound-proofing and perched her laptop on a washing machine. The homemade origins seem fitting, given that See-Through is touted as a very personal spin on classical music.

Along with the announcement, Takahara has shared a lead single called “Tide.” It’s a gorgeous, airy composition, summing up the album’s combination of violins, piano, and atmospheric touches. Check it out below.

01 “Artegio”
02 “Ditty”
03 “Nostalgia”
04 “Roll”
05 “Chime”
06 “Kai-kou”
07 “Chant”
08 “Sea”
09 “Tide”
10 “Log”

See-Through on 2/24 via Flau. Pre-order it here.

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