John Fogerty – “Weeping In The Promised Land”

John Fogerty – “Weeping In The Promised Land”

Unlike some of his surviving ’60s rock peers, John Fogerty remains a stand-up guy — the kind of legend who would never write protest songs about being asked to stay at home during a pandemic. Instead, Fogerty, the great rock howler and former Creedence Clearwater Revival leader, has stayed true to his lefty past. He’s part of the Neil Young school. Last year, when Donald Trump was playing “Fortunate Son” at rallies, Fogerty jumped on TikTok with his granddaughter to clarify what that song was and is about. Today, Fogerty’s got a new song that reaffirms where Fogerty stands.

Fogerty’s new single “Weeping In The Promised Land” is a gospel-inflected piano ballad about the fucked-up year that just ended. Fogerty’s lyrics are all allegory — he refers to Trump as “Pharaoh” throughout — but his lyrics make clear reference to the pandemic and to the police murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. In the video, a contemplative Fogerty plays piano on a hilltop, and we see images of protests and people at prayer.

“Weeping In The Promised Land” won’t go on anyone’s list of the best Fogerty songs, and its lyrics won’t tell you anything you won’t know. Still, it’s nice to see someone of Fogerty’s stature whose brain hasn’t been utterly fucked by years of fame, money, and adulation. Check out “Weeping In The Promised Land” below.

“Weeping In The Promised Land” is out now.

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