Gia Margaret – “Solid Heart”

Gia Margaret – “Solid Heart”

Gia Margaret released one of the best debuts of 2018, There’s Always Glimmer — she was included on our Best New Bands list that year — and last year she followed it up with Mia Gargaret, an ambient album that was written after an illness that caused her to be unable to sing for half a year.

Her voice is back on new single “Solid Heart,” a recorded version of a song that she’s been performing live for a couple years. It’s pillowy and soft and its lyrics feel oddly prescient despite having been around for a bit: “Do we wanna talk about the year we did without? And you can’t say anything else/ A solid heart.”

Here’s her statement on the track:

I just felt like sharing a song. I’ve been missing the spontaneity of releasing music on a whim, I suppose. During these slow winter months and after such a slow (and rough) year for everyone– I thought it would give me (and maybe you) something nice to start 2021 with. It is my offering. It also feels like a misfit (production wise) in a body of newer songs and especially with the direction I’m moving into. That’s not to say there might not be another version on a record at some point. I just decided this deserves it’s own celebration.

Check it out below.

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