PONY – “Couch”

PONY – “Couch”

Those of us who’ve been waiting impatiently for Colleen Green to release a proper follow-up to 2015’s I Want To Grow Up can rejoice at the arrival of PONY. The Toronto power-pop band, led by singer-guitarist Sam Bielanski, present a similar combination of brightly delicate pop melodies, super-charged power chords, and extreme introversion. Their debut album TV Baby is coming this spring, preceded today by a video for new single “Couch.” It comes highly recommended if you dig Green — or Charly Bliss, or Weezer’s “Blue Album,” or really any other deeply melodic socially anxious guitar rock.

“Couch” leans into the pop-punk side of PONY’s sound as Bielanski laments a life of restless inaction. “I’m constantly wasting my days trying to teach my body new tricks,” she sings. “But they never seem to stick, and I can feel myself getting sick/ I feel guilty for all the sleep I get/ But I never feel rested/ My sister says she’s proud of me/ But I can hear her lying through her teeth.” The video, directed by Conor Sweeney, situates PONY as the musical guest on an ’80s Christian talk show. Watch below along with prior single “WebMD.”

01 “Chokecherry”
02 “WebMD”
03 “By The Way”
04 “Furniture”
05 “Couch”
06 “My Room”
07 “Sometime Later”
08 “Cry”
09 “Sunny D”
10 “Swore”

TV Baby is out 4/9 on Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order it here.

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