Ashley Monroe – “Drive”

Ashley Monroe – “Drive”

The country singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe might be most famous as one third of Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert’s reliably badass supergroup. With Pistol Annies, Monroe has done great work; their 2018 album Interstate Gospel and its attendant tour both ruled. But on her own, Monroe specializes in a sparse, sparkling, tasteful form of country that’s really nothing like what she does in Pistol Annies. Today, she’s announced that she’s got a new solo album on the way.

This spring, Monroe will follow up her 2018 album Sparrow with a new LP called Rosegold. Monroe put together the album over time, working with a whole team of Nashville producers and co-writers. In a press release, Monroe says, “Every move we made was instinctive, but it was also intentional. I found myself wanting to see how drastic the change from a verse to a chorus could be, or looking for places where the beat could drop out and then give you chills when it comes back in.”

First single “Drive” is a piece of slinky, sexy, soft-focus bit of business. The production is lush and expansive, and Monroe sings it in a soft, restrained tone. Monroe co-wrote the song with Niko Moon and with producer Mikey Reaves, and it makes its come-ons sound like classic Americana. In the video, Monroe rocks pink hair and rides through the desert. Check it out below.

01 “Siren”
02 “Silk”
03 “Gold”
04 “See”
05 “Drive”
06 “Flying”
07 “Groove”
08 “‘Til It Breaks”
09 “I Mean It”
10 “The New Me”

Rosegold is out 4/30 on Mountainrose Sparrow/Thirty Tigers.

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