Mr Twin Sister – “Diary” & “Expressions”

Mr Twin Sister – “Diary” & “Expressions”

The New York dance-pop experimenters in Mr Twin Sister released an album called Salt in the fall of 2018, and they haven’t been heard from since. So it’s cool to see Mr Twin Sister suddenly returning with a new two-song single, and it’s even cooler to hear that both of the songs are real jams.

Today, Mr Twin Sister posted the new tracks “Diary” and “Expressions” on Bandcamp. Both songs push the group’s dance-music inclinations further than they’ve gone before. Back when they were just plain Twin Sister, the band were basically making indie pop that was slightly more rhythmically focused than other indie-pop, so it’s been cool to see them going further in that direction.

There’s still some indie pop in Mr Twin Sister, though. “Diary” is basically an oblique bedroom-pop track built on top of a squiggling Chicago house banger. “Expressions,” meanwhile, is a funky, sidelong strut of a song; it’s the closest thing to disco that I’ve heard from this band. Check out both tracks below.

“Diary” b/w “Expressions” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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