Rio Da Yung OG – “Last Day Out”

Rio Da Yung OG – “Last Day Out”

In the past decade-plus, since Gucci Mane released the 2009 anthem “First Day Out,” the first-day-out rap song has become a hallowed tradition. A rapper gets out of prison and immediately heads to the studio to talk some triumphant shit. The last-day-out rap song is a whole other thing, and that’s what Rio Da Yung OG is giving us today.

In the past few years, Rio has been at the forefront of a surging underground rap scene in his Flint, Michigan hometown. Rio’s a prolific force — a larger-than-life figure who drops vast amounts of disrespectful, frequently hilarious street-talk over beats that could only come from Michigan. In 2019, just as he was rising to internet fame, Rio was arrested for gun possession and “intent to distribute controlled substances.” In January, he was sentenced to five years in prison. At the time, Rio said that he’d start his prison term this summer. He’s released a lot of music in the last few months, and today, Rio came out with a new track called “Last Day Out.”

On “Last Day Out,” Rio comes in with a lot of conflicting emotions: Defiance, anger, acceptance, despite-it-all confidence. Rio apologizes to his fans. He says that he’s still getting checks that he hasn’t cashed yet. He repeats, again and again, that he’ll come even harder when his time is over. There are lines on here that express things I’m not really used to hearing on rap songs: “I’m really nervous, though, I can’t even cap/ I just bought my second crib, and BM got the ‘Lac.” “Gotta spend some time with my granny, where Big Mama at?/ I should bring her to the studio to watch me rap.” “Plea agreement came in, I ain’t read it/ Just give me all the time y’all want to ’cause I ain’t see shit.” “44 months seem long, but it’s gon’ be quick/ I might not even call a bitch till week six/ Can’t be mad because I signed up for this street shit.” Check out the video below.

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