Stream Gojira’s Sincerely Stomp-Ass New Album Fortitude

Stream Gojira’s Sincerely Stomp-Ass New Album Fortitude

French prog-metal crushers Gojira are about a quarter-century into their career, and they’ve spent most of that time as cult heroes of the international metal underground. But Gojira are also a big deal — big enough to play for vast crowds and to rack up multiple Grammy nominations. Today, the band released Fortitude, their seventh album and their first in five years. It goes hard.

Gojira are famous for their technical wizardry, and you can hear evidence of that on Fortitude, but it’s not what makes the album stand out. Instead, Gojira are in the pocket on this thing. The band doesn’t do whiplash time-signature changes or overly complicated riffs. Instead, they lock in hard on their grooves. The album has peaks and valleys, but even at its most quiet and contemplative moments, it still as a direct, authoritative stomp.

Fortitude sounds like a big album, with gleaming production and no-joke hooks. It’s the kind of thing that almost begs to be heard in an arena, but its slickness never compromises its heaviness. Gojira also remain fully serious throughout. The album’s lyrics are full of environmentalist messages, and there’s no winking or posturing to it to it. If anything, Fortitude is a refreshingly sincere piece of work. We’ve already posted the early tracks “Another World,” “Born For One Thing,” “Amazonia,” “Into The Storm,” and “The Chant.” Now, you can stream the full LP below.

Fortitude is out now on Roadrunner.

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