The Tubs – “Two Person Love”

The Tubs – “Two Person Love”

Owen Williams used to play in the noisily melodic Welsh punk band Joanna Gruesome, a group whose output, unlike their band name, was no joke. He later started Ex-Vöid with Gruesome vocalist Alanna McArdle. Now Williams has launched a new project with another former Joanna Gruesome member, George Nicholls. Together with Max Warren, Matthew Green, and Steve Stonholdt, they’re called the Tubs, and today they’ve announced their debut EP for Trouble In Mind and Prefect Records.

The Tubs say they’ve taken inspiration from traditional British folk, the jangly ’80s guitar-pop of Cleaners From Venus, and more recent twitchy Australian indie bands like Twerps and the Goon Sax. You can certainly hear all that in “Two Person Love,” the lead single from their forthcoming Names EP. The song barrels ahead with tight yet unkempt post-Pixies surf guitar, a propulsive rhythmic current worthy of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and a dreamy sheen that blows through occasionally like a shifting weather pattern. Atop it all, Williams bellows deeply on the subject of erotomania, which he describes as “the mental health condition characterized by an individual harboring the delusional belief that someone, usually of a ‘higher social status,’ is in love with them. The speaker in the song is a third party trying to impart some pacifying advice.”

Listen below, and check out the Names tracklist, which includes a Felt cover.

01 “Illusion”
02 “The Name Song”
03 “Two Person Love”
04 “Crystal Ball” (Felt Cover)

Names is out 7/30 on Trouble In Mind/Prefect. Pre-order it here.

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