Alien Boy – “Nothing’s Enough”

Alien Boy – “Nothing’s Enough”

Last month, Alien Boy announced their new album, Don’t Know What I Am, with the energetic lead single “The Way I Feel.” Today, the Portland band is back with the album’s second single, “Nothing’s Enough,” another melodic roar about the interior struggles we fear the most. “I ask again/ Am I talking to myself?” Sonia Weber sings in its opening lines. “Most days I’d rather sit alone/ Feeling close scares me the most. Here’s Weber on the track:

Nothing’s Enough is one of the last songs that I wrote for the record but feels like the song that captures the whole thing. We were going to record the album in April 2020 and I was dead set on doing mushrooms alone before we went to “clear my head” or whatever, so one day in February (2020) I made a day of it and ended up tripping way too hard. It just happened to be the day I heard ‘Big Blue’ by Dead Soft for the first time. I listened to the album on repeat for hours staring out the window hanging out with my dog and writing. At the end of the night, I sat down with my guitar, turned all my pedals on, and wrote the song in a few hours. Felt like the most genuine I had felt in a really long time. The song’s about feeling like no matter what I still feel like I need more, literally having dreams in the middle of the night and kicking in my sleep about everything I’m unsure about, and even when I make a decision feeling like I’ve got it all wrong. And I wanted to write a song that sounded like that dead soft record. Doesn’t totally hit the mark but it had a huge influence on me and the song.

Listen below.

Don’t Know What I Am is out 8/20 via Get Better Records.

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