Stream Final Gasp’s Awesome New Goth-Punk EP Haunting Whisper

Stream Final Gasp’s Awesome New Goth-Punk EP Haunting Whisper

Final Gasp are a Boston band whose members have been in hardcore bands like Antagonize and Wound Man. With Final Gasp, they still play hardcore, but it’s a different kind of hardcore. On their Facebook, Final Gasp describe themselves as “death rock/punk hardcore,” which is about right. The band’s whole style is heavy and eerie and melodic, and there’s a whole lot of goth and metal in it.

Final Gasp released their debut EP Baptism Of Desire in 2019, and today, they’ve followed it up with the new record Haunting Whisper. It’s a mean and dark and heavy record, and it sounds a little bit like Samhain if Glenn Danzig had gotten more into Christian Death. (The singer sounds a lot like Danzig. This is not a complaint.) I’m probably an easy mark for this kind of thing, but we don’t get enough evil horror-movie synth-chimes and melodic bellows in our heavy hardcore, and this is really doing it for me. Listen to it below.

The Haunting Whisper EP is out now on Triple B Records.

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