Greet Death – “I Hate Everything”

Greet Death – “I Hate Everything”

Back in 2019, the Flint, Michigan band Greet Death released New Hell, an extremely promising album that combined heavy-shoegaze sludge with tender, measured prettiness. The band had big plans after that LP’s release, including an opening spot on Deafheaven’s 10th-anniversary tour, but you know what happened with that. So it’s very cool to see Greet Death returning, and it’s especially cool to hear them returning with a great new song.

Greet Death have just come out with a new standalone single called “I Hate Everything.” The song, built on clean guitar strums, is softer and folkier than what we’ve heard from Greet Death in the past. Lyrically, though, it’s still heavy as hell. On “I Hate Everything,” singer/guitarist Samuel Boyhtari sketches out depression and alienation through a series of minute little everyday-life vignettes: “Yesterday I saw a bird out walking on my street/ Covered in vomit, broken glass, a corpse on the concrete/ I took a picture, then moved on to find a place to eat/ Ignored a phone call from someone that I just met last week.” It’s dark, and it’s lovely. Listen below.

“I Hate Everything” is out now on Deathwish, Inc., and I’m hoping there’s more new Greet Death stuff on the way.

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