Webbed Wing – “Make A Dime”

Webbed Wing – “Make A Dime”

When you call your album What’s So Fucking Funny? and put a knife-wielding clown on the cover, you have my attention regardless of what the music sounds like. Ditto when the great Will Yip produces your record and signs you to his Memory Music label. So I went into the new Webbed Wing single predisposed to like it, but I assure you the music itself is worthy of such affection.

Webbed Wing is the project of Philadelphia-based Taylor Madison, formerly of the grunge band Superheaven. They’re releasing the aforementioned What’s So Fucking Funny? on Memory Music this fall. Press materials suggest Madison culled inspiration from ’90s power-pop greats like Teenage Fanclub and the Lemonheads, and lead single “Make A Dime” certainly takes me back to that era. How 1994 is this thing? So 1994 that it sounds like if Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song” had been on Weezer’s “Blue Album.”

Watch director Bob Sweeney’s “Make A Dime” video below.

01 “Years”
02 “Jesus’s Age”
03 “Make A Dime”
04 “Dream Come True”
05 “For Real”
06 “Need You Around”
07 “Old Times”
08 “Same Thing To Me”
09 “Taylor’s Theme”
10 “Saturdays”
11 “All I Could Ever Want”
12 “Shed A Tear”

What’s So Fucking Funny? is out 11/5 on Memory Music.

Jon Schimpf

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