Connan Mockasin – “Flipping Poles”

Connan Mockasin – “Flipping Poles”

Back in 2018, Connan Mockasin released an album called Jassbusters — a collection recorded by a “fictional band of schoolteachers” from an imagined show called Bost’n ‘n Dobs’n. Now, Mockasin has announced a sequel, fittingly titled Jassbusters Two. It’s out in the beginning of November.

Jassbusters was the first record I’d done as a band,” Mockasin said in a press release. “I really enjoyed it, and wanted to make more music while we were still in character as this group of music teachers. “I was playing the role of the guitar teacher in the band, who was pushed into being the singer who didn’t have lyrics. So, like the first Jassbusters record, the lyrics were improvised, blurted out.” In general, the album came together in a fluid, jammy atmosphere, but it’s apparently much more laidback than its predecessor.

Along with the announcement, Mockasin has shared a lead single called “Flipping Poles.” Check it out below.

01 “Jass Two”
02 “K Is For Klassical”
03 “Flipping Poles”
04 “In Tune”
05 “Maori Honey”
06 “She’s My Lady”
07 “Shaved Buckley”

Jassbusters Two is out 11/5 via Mexican Summer.

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