Mo Troper – “The Expendables Ride Again”

Mo Troper – “The Expendables Ride Again”

Portland-based Mo Troper is a prolific purveyor of fuzzed-out power-pop. His new album Dilettante, set for release just two weeks from now, features no less than 28(!) tracks — a number that, in conjunction with Troper’s chosen genre, strongly invites a Guided By Voices comparison. Bob Pollard would also be proud of deeply intriguing song titles like “All My Friends Are Venmo,” “Cum On My Khakis,” “Armpit,” and “My Parrot.”

Lead single “The Expendables Ride Again” is out today, matching a wildly catchy vocal melody with scathing lyrics like these: “What’s the name of your new band?/ The one with you and my old friends?/ I can’t lie, it’s not half bad/ The expendables ride again.” Troper shared this statement about the song at Flood:

It’s about my bunker mentality and how that contaminates my relationships with other musicians. It’s about being resented or taken for granted by people who clearly emulate you. It’s a denunciation of bullshit false modesty and apathetic plainclothes rockers who secretly wish they were famous. It’s a celebration of pride and pretense, and it’s also one of my best riffs.

Hear “The Expendables Ride Again” below.

01 “Total Euphoria”
02 “The Expendables Ride Again”
03 “American Dad”
04 “The Perfect Song”
05 “Quarter Beare”
06 “New King”
07 “Blake And Lanny”
08 “All My Friends Are Venmo”
09 “Better Than That”
10 “X-Ray Vision”
11 “Cum On My Khakis”
12 “Sugar And Cream”
13 “The Blood Donor In Me”
14 “Better Than Nothing”
15 “I Would Dance With You”
16 “Velvet Scholars Line”
17 “My Master’s Voice”
18 “My Parrot”
19 “Winged Commander”
20 “Camelot”
21 “Caleb”
22 “Skyscraper Sized Bong”
23 “Rejected Jingle”
24 “Armpit”
25 “Wet T-Shirt Contest”
26 “Tears On My Dockers”
27 “My Canary Was Sure To Run”
28 “A Girl Like Andy”

Dilettante is out 10/15 and be pre-ordered here.

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