Stream Private Hell’s Fearsome New Self-Titled EP

Stream Private Hell’s Fearsome New Self-Titled EP

Central Virginia, where I live, is a place blessed with an insane number of great punk and hardcore bands, and more of them seem to spring up on the time. The latest band to arrive on that scene is Private Hell, a new group that features members of bands like Ghouli and Fried Egg. Last month, they released “M.M.M.,” their first song. It rips. Today, they release their brand-new self-titled demo, and it rips even harder.

Private Hell’s whole style is a majestically intense take on D-beat that’s both crusty and metallic. It can’t be easy for a DIY band to sound both fearsomely raw and glacially epic at the same time, but Private Hell pull it off. The long intro of EP highlight “Total Massacre” is downright cinematic. Do yourself a favor and listen to the demo below.

The Private Hell demo is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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