Beauty Pill – “You Need A Better Mind”

Beauty Pill – “You Need A Better Mind”

Almost exactly a year ago today, the Washington, DC band Beauty Pill put out “Instant Night” as a one-off single right before the election. Now they’ve returned with news of an EP also called Instant Night, featuring two other tracks and a remix, which will be out in December. New single “You Need A Better Mind” is shadowy and gliding and, as the group’s Chad Clark explains in a statement, was made using an old Roland TB-303 synth. He continues:

The Roland TB-303 is an old Japanese synthesizer that was designed to convincingly mimic the sound of a bass guitar. It was introduced in 1981, it sounded like a toy and failed miserably, and it was ultimately discontinued in 1984.

It makes freaky, wiggly, cartoony sounds. It sounds fuck-all like a bass guitar.

Why am I telling you this? One ended up in my hands for a week.

I did a lot of silly stuff with it. I did come up with this one worthwhile riff, which I built a song around. The song is called “You Need A Better Mind.”

It was recorded with my band in a single take at the end of a recording session for another song. We were tired. None of us cared that much if we failed. The fun spirit you hear in this song is mostly exhaustion… that kind of punchy exhaustion you get late at night when you’ll laugh at anything.

The lyrics were inspired by the spooky/funny 10-minute movie “Rachel.” The song is about the scourge of American loneliness.

It is by far the fastest, easiest song Beauty Pill has ever created.

We hope you like it.

Listen below.

01 “Instant Night”
02 “Common Chokecherry”
03 “You Need A Better Mind”
04 “You Need A Better Mind (Brown Eno Remix)”

The Instant Night EP is out 12/5 via Northern Spy Records.

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