Destroyer – “June”

Destroyer – “June”

Dan Bejar is releasing the new Destroyer album LABYRINTHITIS in a couple of weeks. We’ve already heard the singles “Tintoretto, It’s for You” and “Eat The Wine, Drink The Bread,” and today, we’re getting another one that’s twice as long as either of them.

Written with Bejar’s longtime collaborator John Collins, “June” is a dream-world disco odyssey anchored by a thick funk bassline that slowly descends into a collage of spoken-word passages over an instrumental jam. And the music video, from director David Galloway, follows a burrito on its journey to being eaten by Dan Bejar.

“Is it spring where you are? I think June is technically summer, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make,” Galloway says in a statement. “The flowers are starting to come out now, and the birds sure as hell are. There it was; the future just flew by. What’s the quorum on something like that?” Watch and listen to “June” below.

LABYRINTHITIS is out 3/25 via Merge Records. Pre-order it here.

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