Sextile – “Modern Weekend” & “Contortion”

Sextile – “Modern Weekend” & “Contortion”

Sextile, the stark and intense post-punk/industrial duo from Los Angeles, haven’t been around in the past few years. The band released a couple of albums in the last decade, and they went on indefinite hiatus after the release of their 2018 EP 3. In the time that followed, both members of Sextile worked on other projects — Melissa Scaduto on S. Product, Brady Keehn on Panther Modern. Today, though, Sextile have returned, and they’ve got two new tracks.

According to their Bandcamp page, Sextile started working again after the 2019 death of their former bandmate Eddie Wuebben. The duo co-wrote “Modern Weekend,” one of their two new songs, with former bassist Cameron Michel, and the new track is a cold, primitive electro-rocker. The blank, echo-drenched vocals and the rickety drum-machine beat evoke the very beginnings of industrial music. “Contortion,” the other new track, is a bit funkier and more playful, but it’s every bit as spartan. Listen to both tracks below.

The “Modern Weekend” b/w “Contortion” single is out now on Felte.

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