The Callous Daoboys – “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops”

The Callous Daoboys – “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops”

Atlanta sextet the Callous Daoboys make a freaked-out, chaotic form of metalcore full of whiplash time-signature changes and lyrics screamed so forcefully that you can miss their conceptual bent. They’re one of the heaviest and most explosive bands on the screamo circuit, which is currently full of heavy and explosive bands, and they recall the long-gone days when bands like Botch and the Dillinger Escape Plan roamed the earth.

Today, the Callous Daoboys have released a new single called “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops,” their first new music since the 2019 album Die On Mars. The band has a new album in the works, as well as a tour with Limbs and Greyhaven. The new track lurches in 15 different directions at once — guttural metal riffage, pretty violin parts, disorienting stop-start structure, a mid-song spoken-word breakdown about dreams and memory.

In a press release, singer Carson Pace says, “Capturing your first experience of Déjà vu? Have you heard this breakdown before? Does it matter? What are the intentions of man’s best friend? Start over.” Check out the song’s video below.

“A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops” is out now on MNRK Heavy/Modern Static Records.

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