Dudes vs. That Guy

I’m giving up an evening of We Love Katamari (or displacing it, more like) to tally up all the Male Hottie votes from our Best of 2005 contest, but while I’m working on it I wanted to throw out two amusing subsets for discussion: dudes vs. that guy. Ok, they amused me. The rest of you should go put on some STFUjan Stevens.

(presented as entered- no corrections!)

dude from 303’s
dude from Bloc Party
Dude from Decemberists
dude from Sons and Daughters
dude from We Are Scientists
dude in the white shirt with skinny black tie
dude… i donna care
dudes from Wolf Parade

That Guy
that faggy guy from Bright Eyes
that fat guy from Deathcab haha
That Gerard guy from my chemical romance
that girly from Hole
That guy from Army of Me
That guy from maximo park
that hairy guitar player in The National
that kid from the Arctic Monkeys
That kid from The Artic Monkeys (two votes! that sentence is tied with Chad VanGaalen)
That little Arctic Monkeys singer boy (three people who took as long as it takes to look up Alex Turner’s name took the time to write that out)

Combo: That Dude
That fat dude from Modest Mouse
That Napoleon Dynamite dude from Arcade Fire
That Sebastian dude from Belle & Sebastian

I’m not amused by each one (indie <> sensitive), just that so many people wrote in “that guy” or “dude”. There are probably even more- that’s just what popped up from an alphabetical sort.