Being for the Benefit of Mr. Fite

Tim “Little T” Fite dropped an album composed (almost) entirely of bargain bin CD samples, which is cool. You can review bargain bin CDs all you want, but it’s a real achievement to turn them into something new. Fite himself is pretty philosophical about the bin:

“It’s beautiful to go to the bargain bin and rise from it like a phoenix, and then return to it most likely. I have the feeling Tim Fite will most likely find the bargain bin at some point. I can only dream.”

Fed Durst, are you listening?

Anyway, Fite’s album, Gone Ain’t Gone, came out in October, but I just got this track yesterday. Every review talks about how different each track is from the next, so the whole album might not be this good- no guarantees. Fite’s website has more mp3s, and a stream of the whole album. That said, this song rocks.

Tim Fite – “No Good Here” (MP3 link expired)

It samples the Seymores’ Arcade Boy. (video)

Catch Tim with Radio 4 and friends (if in NYC) at the Knitting Factory tonight. Tickets available @ $25.

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