Special Interest – “(Herman’s) House”

Special Interest – “(Herman’s) House”

The New Orleans punk band Special Interest have shared “(Herman’s) House,” their first new single since 2020’s full-length The Passion Of and their first release for Rough Trade Records. It’s a frenetic, impassioned dance-y track that was inspired by the Angola Three, Black revolutionaries that were held in solitary confinement for more than 40 years.

“Despite the sadistic torture they endured, they continued their fight towards Black liberation behind the prison walls,” the band said in a statement. “This song bears witness to our wonder and desire to dismantle the oppressive systems that hinder our possibilities towards true liberation, to annihilate, to destroy and to rebuild with one another. It’s a battle cry for dreamers who persist in spite of and because. This song moves us and it grooves us towards this end, may we go forward but not by ourselves.”

Watch a video for it below.

“(Herman’s) House” is out now via Rough Trade.

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