Snail Mail – “Feeling Like I Do” (Superdrag Cover)

Snail Mail – “Feeling Like I Do” (Superdrag Cover)

Snail Mail has released a cover of Superdrag’s “Feeling Like I Do,” off the band’s 2002 album Last Call For Vitriol. Lindsey Jordan has been performing the track live for the past few months while on tour in support of her sophomore album Valentine — that tour kicked off earlier this year after being delayed so Jordan could recover from vocal cord surgery. Her “Feeling Like I Do” cover is one-half of a new Spotify Single, which also features a new take on the Valentine song “Headlock.” Here’s her statement on the pair of tracks:

So a typical day in the studio for me has been really different from album to album. But the approach I’ve taken more recently is to flesh out the demo as much as possible before bringing the song into the studio so I can work out the details by myself. I work incredibly slowly and don’t like to be under too much pressure while trying to be creative. I like taking lots of breaks and giving the songs room to breathe before continuing to work on them. So I try to spend a lot of time in the studio. It’s also super important for me to take breaks, to eat good food and get air. It can be really mentally draining work, so it’s important to adjust according to how you work as an individual. 

So I think that the Spotify version of Headlock is different from the original version of Headlock in that the original was recorded almost two years ago, and the more I performed the song, the more I think of ideas that I wish I had put into the original. This version gave me the opportunity to implement some of those ideas. 

The ideal listening environment for my Spotify Singles are in a dark wet cave. 

It’s been really cool getting to cover, feeling like I do by super drag because I love it and I’ve loved it for a while and I was able to make it my own by singing on it.

Listen below.

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