Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden – “Close”

Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden – “Close”

I get along without you very well is the new collaborative album from avant-garde composer Ellen Arkbro and jazz/classical pianist Johan Graden, two Swedes enmeshed in the Berlin new music scene. As explained by Thrill Jockey, the album finds the duo filtering their talents into a more pop-minded context than usual, a premise confirmed by its spectacular opening track. “Close,” which also embodies the project’s slow-burn creative process, finds Arkbro singing with a sort of plaintive wonder over classical instrumentats played with post-rock purpose. Deployed like this, the various brass and woodwind sounds remind me of the Notwist — especially when Graden’s synth drones enter the frame — though this music is far more glacial in tempo and organic in texture. Let it wash over you below.

01 “Close”
02 “Out of luck”
03 “All in bloom”
04 “Never near”
05 “Temple”
06 “Other side”
07 “Love you, bye”
08 “Waqt”

I get along without you very well is out 9/23 on Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

Miki Anagrius

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