Holy Fawn – “Dimensional Bleed”

Holy Fawn – “Dimensional Bleed”

Arizona’s Holy Fawn make a gorgeously crushing form of guitar rock that doesn’t neatly fit into any one particular genre. Last year, Stereogum published a feature on the many bands who move from heavy music to shoegaze, and Holy Fawn might fit into that wave, but they also might not. For Holy Fawn, heavy music and shoegaze might as well be the same thing. Holy Fawn build giant, cresting waves of uplifting brutality, and they do it without really sounding like anyone else. Soon, they’ll do that for an entire album.

Earlier this year, Holy Fawn followed their 2020 EP The Black Moon with a six-minute stunner with the cheery title “Death Is A Relief.” At the time, it seemed like a one-off single. Now, we learn that it was the beginning of a long LP rollout. In September, almost exactly five years after the release of their debut full-length Death Spells, Holy Fawn will unleash their sophomore album Dimensional Bleed. That album will include “Death Is A Relief,” and it’ll also feature the album’s title track, which the band has now shared.

True to Holy Fawn form, “Dimensional Bleed” is song that’s alternately pretty and raw-nerve intense. Its pretty parts are still intense, and its intense parts are still pretty. The song is a lot shorter than “Death Is A Relief,” but it still has time to switch tones and time signatures with a natural grace. Listen to “Dimensional Bleed” and check out the new LP’s tracklist below.

01 “Hexsewn”
02 “Death Is A Relief”
03 “Lift Your Head”
04 “Empty Vials”
05 “Amaranthine”
06 “Dimensional Bleed”
07 “Sightless”
08 “Void of Light”
09 “True Loss”
10 “Blood Memory”

Dimensional Bleed is out 9/9 on Wax Bodega.

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