Macie Stewart – “Maya, Please”

Macie Stewart – “Maya, Please”

Last year, Ohmme’s Macie Stewart released their debut solo album, Mouth Full Of Glass. It’s getting released outside of America in the fall via the UK label Full Time Hobby, and that edition will include a new song called “Maya, Please” as a bonus track. “Maya, Please” is out today, and it’s a brief but sweeping plea punctuated by downward strings and gently picked guitar.

“Asking for forgiveness is a central and obvious theme of this song, but much of it is about feeling angry at yourself and asking someone to forgive you when you haven’t yet forgiven yourself,” Stewart said in a statement. “The A part of the song is externalizing the situation, and the B part of the song is sort of an internal monologue of the same thing. I imagine it as one of those imaginary conversations you have in your head while you’re sitting and thinking by yourself. I feel very proud of the string arrangements on this one.”

Listen below.

“Maya, Please” is out now via Orindal / Full Time Hobby. Mouth Full Of Glass will be released on the latter label on 11/11.

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