Stream Compassion’s Wild New Hardcore EP Pacing Animal

Stream Compassion’s Wild New Hardcore EP Pacing Animal

Powerviolence, the hardcore subgenre characterized by short and frantic songs with brutally abrupt time-changes, has been going through a whole resurgence lately, thanks to bands like Regional Justice Center and World Peace. Brooklyn’s Compassion are right up there with them. Compassion is just two guys, and they lock in together to make a fearsome, disorienting racket that, at its best, sounds absolutely destructive.

Compassion released their demo in 2019. This past weekend, they followed it with a new eight-song EP called Pacing Animal. For most bands, an eight-song release might be considered an album, not an EP. Here, though, the longest song lasts for all of 65 seconds. Compassion have more muscle and menace than most powerviolence bands. They can play so fast that they sound like a blur, but they really do damage when they slow down into a caveman trudge. Stream Pacing Animal below.

Pacing Animal is out now on Convulse Records.

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