Superorganism – “Woofin’ And Meowin'”

Superorganism – “Woofin’ And Meowin'”

Earlier this year, the internet collective Superorganism released their sophomore album, World Wide Pop. At the end of October, they released a remix EP, and today they’re back with a fresh holiday original, “Woofin’ And Meowin’,” which was written for the Christmas episodes of the Fox animated show HouseBroken.

“We were so stoked when HouseBroken approached us to write a song for their holiday specials,” Superorganism’s Harry said in a statement, continuing:

We all love the show, and considering some cartoon themes and soundtracks shaped our childhoods and ultimately our tastes, it was super inspiring to get involved. We wrote Woofin’ and Meowin’ immediately before we set off on our first tour since the pandemic, and I think you can feel that anxiety and excitement bubbling over. To me, it sounds like the excitement my family dog felt, reflecting our excitement as kids on Christmas day. Poor little fella had no idea why we were all so hyped up, but he just enjoyed the moment and got excited with us anyway.

Check it out below.

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