NOIA – “eclipse de amor” (Feat. Buscabulla)

NOIA – “eclipse de amor” (Feat. Buscabulla)

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Gisela Fulla-Silvestre, the electronic musician who puts out music as NOIA. Her Crisàlida EP landed on our best of the year list back in 2019, and today she’s finally ready to announce her debut full-length album. gisela is out at the end of March, and it features contributions from Ela Minus, Maria Arnal, and Buscabulla, whose Raquel Berrios duets on the glimmering lead single “eclipse de amor.”

“eclipse de amor is like a movie set in a tropical night that ends with a knife and blood,” NOIA said in a statement. “A love story and a mysterious murder. It’s a song about duality, two people mirroring each other, an eclipse of love that ends up consuming you in the name of becoming something beautiful together.” She continued:

I guess it’s an ode to toxic consuming love? This song is also an ode to old boleros. it has that energy of old romantic duets, but then the chorus feels like entering a future dystopian tropical video game party, so it holds those two very different worlds. I was very excited to sing this duet with Raquel from Buscabulla. She has a unique vocal tone, it evoques darkness and echoes from another era somehow. We complemented each other so well with the two characters of this song. Luifre (the other half of Buscabulla) recorded this retro synth line over her verse that gave it even more of a classic vibe. I started working on this song as part of the music for a film that needed a romantic bolero kind of track, and then the song evolved when i was making some beats for a reggaeton artist that he ended up not using. So in a way it always has felt like a very playful song.

Listen below.

01 “anoche (intro)”
02 “didn’t know” (Feat. Ela Minus)
03 “reveal yourself”
04 “glitter blanca”
05 “otra vida por vivir” (Feat. Maria Arnal)
06 “eclipse de amor” (Feat. Buscabella)
07 “cançó del bes sense port (interludi)”
08 “life lived through you”
09 “verano adentro”
10 “estranha forma de vida”

gisela is out 3/31 via Cascine. Pre-order it here.

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