Judiciary – “Engulfed”

Judiciary – “Engulfed”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Judiciary, the Texan masters of metallic hardcore. At the very beginning of 2019, Judiciary released Surface Noise, an absolute monster of a debut album. The band hasn’t had any new music since then, but they’ve been playing new songs at live shows. (I saw them at a hardcore fest in Richmond last year, and they absolutely crushed.) Today, Judiciary have let the world know that they’ve got a new album coming this spring, and they’ve shared a colossal new song.

Judiciary’s sophomore album is called Flesh + Blood — presumably no relation to the similarly titled Roxy Music and Poison LPs. Judiciary recorded it with Arthur Rizk, who’s produced great records for bands like Power Trip and Show Me The Body and who knows how to make heavy music sound awesome. Rizk — who’s also been a member of bands like Cold World, War Hungry, Eternal Champion, and Sumerlands — also plays guitar on one song. But Judiciary don’t really need any help shredding on their own.

The new Judiciary single “Engulfed” is a feverish stomper that veers back and forth between thunder-crunch hardcore and all-out thrash metal. There’s an absolutely blazing guitar solo in there, and that’s a theatrical touch, but the band sacrifices absolutely none of their visceral power and momentum. Below, listen to “Engulfed” and check out the Flesh + Blood tracklist.

01 “Flesh”
02 “Blood”
03 “Engulfed”
04 “Paradigm Piercer”
05 “Knife In The Dirt”
06 “Stare Into The Sun”
07 “Cobalt”
08 “Steel Hand God”
09 “Obsidian”
10 “Eschatos Hemera”

Flesh + Blood is out 3/10 on Closed Casket Activities.

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