Matty Healy To Oasis: “Stop Marding”

Matty Healy To Oasis: “Stop Marding”

Matty Healy has one message for the former members of Oasis — specifically the always-feuding Liam and Noel Gallagher: “Stop marding.” In an interview with CBC’s Q With Tom Power, the 1975 frontman unleashed a no-lies rant about how the Gallagher brothers owe it to the fans and each other to just get back together. “What are Oasis doing?” he said. “Can you imagine being in potentially, right now, still the coolest band in the world and not doing it because you’re in a mard with your brother?” (Stereogum is still researching the definition of ‘marding,’ but we get the gist.)

“I can deal with them dressing like they’re in their 20s and being in their 50s, but acting like they’re in their 20s — they need to grow up,” Healy continued. “They’re sat around in Little Venice and Little Highgate, crying because they’re in an argument with their brother. Grow up; headline Glastonbury.”

Healy kept going: “There is not one person going to a High Flying Birds gig, or a Liam Gallagher gig, that wouldn’t rather be at an Oasis gig. Do me a favor: Get back together; stop messing around. That’s my public service announcement for today.”

Oasis formally disbanded in 2009. Occasionally, Liam hints that he’d like Oasis to reunite, and even just this month Noel told BBC Radio Manchester, “You should never say never… [but] it would have to take an extraordinary set of circumstances.” He concluded: “That’s not to say that those circumstances would never come about.”

Watch Healy’s interview below.

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