Spotlights – “Algorithmic”

Spotlights – “Algorithmic”

The post-metal trio Spotlights moved from New York to Pittsburgh prior to making their new album, Alchemy For The Dead, which was just announced and will be released on April 28. “Our focus when making this record was to not repeat ourselves,” the group’s Mario Quintero said in a statement. “I think we achieved our goal. Though we’re proud of all our releases, making just another ‘Spotlights’ album wasn’t an option.”

“Pushing our own boundaries while creating something cathartic, yet strangely suffocating, with new sounds and textures as well as more personal and self-reflective themes, this album feels like a new fork in the path for us,” he continued. “Hopefully the listeners will follow.”

Check out lead single “Algorithmic” below.

01 “Beyond The Broken Sky”
02 “The Alchemist”
03 “Sunset Burial
04 “Algorithmic”
05 “False Gods”
06 “Repeat The Silence”
07 “Ballad In The Mirror”
08 “Crawling Toward The Light”
09 “Alchemy For The Dead”

Alchemy For The Dead is out 4/28 via Ipecac Recordings.

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