Spencer Tweedy Releases Album Of Drum Loops You Can Sample For Free

Spencer Tweedy Releases Album Of Drum Loops You Can Sample For Free

Spencer Tweedy has a cool new project out today. On drumprints vol. 1: 2301, Jeff Tweedy’s son and sometimes bandmate has assembled 10 drumbeats built with the express purpose of being sampled. They also fit together as an album, but the potential for breakbeats is obvious. He’s offering up the project for free, with the request that you send him any music you make with it and you list his name and the project’s name in the credits.

There’s a detailed history of the project at Tweedy’s Substack, but for brevity’s sake, here’s how he explains in on Bandcamp:

Take a bar, take 8 bars, take 16, 32… jump around and find something to loop, or use the whole track. Sing on it, rap, play bass, blow a jug. Slow it down, speed it up, chop, process, distort.

These drum recordings are free for you to adapt. If you use them, please email me (me@spencertweedy.com) to show me what you’ve made. If you release it, please include a credit similar to this: “Drum samples by Spencer Tweedy’s Drumprints.” (See more info on the CC-BY 4.0 license below.)

You can also listen just for the sake of listening. It’s sequenced to be as album-like as possible 🙂

thanks & hugs,

p.s. The last numbers in the track title are the tempo. Download in a lossless format like WAV for the best audio. More info at spencertweedy.com/drumprints

Listen below.

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