The Saxophones – “Desert Flower”

The Saxophones – “Desert Flower”

The Saxophones, the band made up of married couple Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice, don’t really sound like anyone else. The duo has mastered a kind of arch, blurry, deadpan crypto-jazz style, with Erenkov singing lounge tracks and playing his own flutes, guitars, and, yes, saxophones. Later this year, the Saxophones will follow their 2020 album Eternity Bay with a new LP called To Be A Cloud, and they’ve just shared its first single.

“Desert Flower” is actually the last song on To Be A Cloud, and it layers Alexi Erenkov’s baritone and Alison Alderdice’s whispery backing vocals over some reverbed-out hepcat music that could soundtrack a movie dream sequence. At the end of the song, Erenkov says, “This is gonna be a weird record.” Check out the Rainbow Tunnel-directed video below.

01 “The Mist”
02 “Boy Crazy”
03 “In My Defense”
04 “Speak Tor You”
05 “Savanna”
06 “Conversation Soon”
07 “Goddess In Repose”
08 “Margarita Mix”
09 “Hunter”
10 “Desert Flower”

To Be A Cloud is out 6/2 on Full Time Hobby.

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