Midwife & Vyva Melinkolya – “NMP”

Midwife & Vyva Melinkolya – “NMP”

Under the name Midwife, Madeline Johnston makes dreamy, overwhelming mood music. Midwife’s work can sometimes sound truly solitary, but Johnston is a very collaborative artist. In the past few months, she’s released the one-off single “Sickworld,” teamed up with Allison Lorenzon to cover Bush’s “Glycerine,” and contributed to Sightless Pit’s Lockstep Bloodwar album. Today, Midwife has announced a new collaborative LP.

On the new album Orbweaving, Midwife teams up with Angel Diaz, the primary force behind the Louisville shoegaze band Vyva Melinkolya. The two started working together after Diaz came to New Mexico for a recording residency at Johnston’ studio. The two of them took nighttime road trips out to the desert to look for wildlife, and they’ve named their LP after the orb-weaver spider.

There are only five songs on Orbweaving, but we should probably expect those songs to be pretty colossal. First single “NMP” stretches over eight minutes. It builds slowly and cinematically, with pillowy vocals layered over piles of fuzzed-out guitar. The whole thing is very pretty and weirdly nourishing. Below, listen to “NMP” and check out the Orbweaving tracklist.

01 “Miss America”
02 “Hounds Of Heaven ”
03 “NMP ”
04 “Plague X”
05 “Orbweaving”

Orbweaving is out 5/12 on the Flenser.

Jon McWilliams

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